After making his first feature documentary Panopticon, about the loss of privacy and civil liberties, filmmaker and journalist Peter Vlemmix sees the growing influence of corporations and governments on the life of individuals as one of the most important n, abouthemes of our modern society.

The unbalance of power and dubious media coverage is creating a world where the citizen feels more and more alienated from politics and has the feeling “everything is getting too complex”. It is getting easier for authorities to follow the agenda’s without public scrutiny.

As a journalist Peter likes to think it as being his task to try and shine a little light on the lesser known parts of these power structures.

For his 2nd film he chooses to investigate an organization that is extremely powerful and influential, yet so little is know about it: The European Union.

He goes on a search, and in Euromania he shows you how democracy is being challenged, largely unnoticed, by this ever growing apparatus.